Direct Fit / Ballast Compatible T8 LED Tubes - Type A

Operates on Existing T8 Electronic Fluorescent Ballast

In order for a Direct Fit T8 LED to work, you need an existing T8 electronic fluorescent ballast. Most Type A LED T8 lamps will work on both Instant Start and Program Start ballasts. It is imperative you check the ballast compatibility sheet for the Type A LED T8 lamp you are going to buy, to ensure it will work on your existing ballast. Some Type D LED T8 lamps are included in this section, as they work on the existing ballast as well as direct wire / ballast bypass.

LED Lighting Different Kelvin Temperature Colors

4 foot 3000K T8 LED retrofit lightsAny 4 foot 3500k T8 LED Retrofit tubesAll four foot 4000k T8 LED retrofit lights

4 ft LED T8 5000K Temperature4 ft LED T8 6500K Temperature

All two foot T8 LED retrofit lightsAny three foot T8 LED Retrofit tubesAll four foot T8 LED retrofit lights