LED Replacements for T5 Linear Fluorescent Tubes

As with LED T8 replacement options, there are a few different ways of retrofitting T5 linear fluorescents to LED. Type A LED T5 lamps rely on the existing program start ballast to operate. This ensures a quick install but make sure your existing T5 fluorescent ballast is compatible with the Type A LED T5 you are buying. Type B LED T5 lamps bypass the existing ballast for additional savings as well as to remove the ballast as a future failing point. The other option for retrofitting T5 fluorescent lamps is with Type C LED T5 lamps. Type C LED tubes utilize an external LED driver to operate the lamps. These are the most efficient and deliver the most light, as well as have the potential for dimming. The cost is highest for this method while Type A and Type B tubes cost about the same. Type B tends to be the preferred method due to the combination of low cost, maximized energy savings, and long-term maintenance savings (no ballasts needed).

Type A LED T5 SmartDriveType B LED T5 retrofit lamps no ballastType C LED T5 Remote Driver Dimming