3500 Kelvin 4 FT LED - Type B Ballast Bypass

3500K LED T8 lamps provide a neutral white color that has grown in popularity. Numerous lumen packages are available from ultra-efficient 10.5W LED T8 lamps that replace 32W to standard 15W. Keystone's 18.5W 3500K LED T8 delivers 2500+ lumens and for the highest output 15W option you will want GE's 15W 3500K 2000 lumen lamp (sold by case of 20 only). Keystone has 120V Dimmable (Forward Phase Control) LED T8 lamps as well as 0-10V Dimmable LED T8s (both require separate purchase of a compatible dimmer). Most options require single-end re-wiring to a non-shunted although Keystone's DX2 LED T8 series allows for single-end or double-end wiring.

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