Type B (Bypass) - 3000 Kelvin 4 FT LED

3000K is the warmest option available for LED T8 lamps. 3000K LED T8 lamps will deliver a bit less lumens than whiter colors (4000K, 5000K, etc) but many of the 3000K LED options are still efficient enough to qualify for DLC 4.0 and thus rebate savings from your local energy supplier. Keystone's standard 15W option is single-end wired while the 15W DX2 can be single-end wired or double-end wired. Keystone also has an ultra-efficient 10.5W LED T8 as well as a 14.5W Forward Phase Control Dimming lamp. Don't forget about the Pre-wired Socket Kit which will save you an immense amount of time during install.

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