TKD LED Troffer Retrofit Kits

2x4 TKD Retrofit Troffer Conversion Kits from 2x2 TKD Retrofit Paragon Precision Conversion Kits

The U.S. Department of Energy has reported that recessed fluorescent lighting troffers make up upwards of 50% of the fixtures installed in commercial applications within the country. However, that number is lowering by the day as companies are exploring more energy-efficient possibilities to save money. They are replacing their fluorescent lighting troffers with LED Conversion Kits like the TKD LED Troffer Retrofit Kit or Columbia Lighting SLK Retrofit Kits. In turn they are realizing numerous benefits, such as:

  • Reduction in life cycle maintenance costs thanks to long-life 60,000 hour LED's at L80 (80% lumen maintenance).
  • A fully integrated reversible-hinged optical assembly which allows for rapid Fluorescent-to-LED troffer conversion. Also eliminates job site waste by reusing existing fixture housing.
  • More options at their disposal - Three levels of dimming capability and four lumen packages.
  • Up to 101 lumens per watt.
  • A low W/ft2 to ensure it meets even the most restrictive lighting power density codes.
  • Modern full distribution architectural aesthetics for controlled soft, uniform light distribution without pixilation.

LED retrofit conversion kits are ideal for commercial offices, educational facilities, health care facilities or retail. Conversion kits include pre-wired LED door frame assembly, screws and mounting rails. Luminaire retrofit is die-formed, pre-painted white aluminum. Hinges from either side for easy access to the LED module and electrical components. Acrylic lens features linear prisms sculpted into the surface for a distinct ribbed texture. Suitable for use with most wireless or wired lighting control systems.

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