Linear Fluorescent - T5 T6 T8 T12 Ubend Circline

Despite a good portion of the linear fluorescent market retrofitting to LED, Premier Lighting still stocks thousands of fluorescent lamps. From T5 and Ubend lamps to various configurations of T8 lamps, we have you covered. Note that for most linear fluorescents, orders must be placed in case quantity amounts to ensure safe arrival.

T5 Fluorescent Lamps 2', 3', or 4 footT6 Fluorescent Lamps Single Pin 4 footT8 Fluorescent Lamps 2 pin 4 foot 8 foot

T12 Fluorescent Lamps 4 foot 8 foot case quantityFluorescent Circline lamps circular retrofit neededT8 Fluorescent Ubend 6 inch 1-5/8