LED Recessed Troffer Fixtures

2x4 LED Recessed Troffer Fixtures Designer Premium and E-Series2x2 LED Recessed Troffer Fixture Designer Premium Economy

LED lay-in troffer fixtures are high efficiency alternatives to T8 and T12 linear fluorescent troffers. There are three main types of troffer fixtures, each having their own unique style; Economy Fixtures, Premier Fixtures and Designer Fixtures. They are commonly found in schools, offices, hospitals, retail, and other places with grid ceilings. These fixtures are powered by high performance LED light engines and drivers that deliver:

  • Long life span, minimizing time and maintenance costs from replacements.
  • Instant savings thanks to 39%-41% less energy use than fluorescent alternatives.
  • Mercury-free construction which benefits the environment.
  • Very low heat generation, contributing to lower energy use.
  • Fits standard 1" and 9/16" T-bar grids for easy installation and application
  • Excellent color consistency and CRI. Maintains uniformity while enhancing focal point colors.