Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the popular questions asked at by our customers. If you have a question not covered here feel free to send us a message and we will help you.

Are there any Energy Star Certified LED T8 Tubes?

ENERGY STAR certification does not exist for LED tubes. There are however DLC Qualified LED Tubes that will allow for energy saving rebates. Substantial rebates may be possible, contact your energy company

What does DLC Listed or DLC Qualified mean?

DLC stands for the DesignLights Consortium, a collaboration of utilities and energy efficiency organizations that focus on energy efficiency. DLC qualified lighting products are sent in by manufacturers to be tested at certified labs. The reports submitted for the DLC qualification process include the LM-79 report that quantifies the performance of an LED Fixture and the LM-80 report that analyzes the LED light engine and uses TM-21 methods to project the lifetime for the LED. Ultimately, undergoing the stringent DLC Qualified Process ensures that the manufacturer of the LED lighting products have met certain minimum specifications relating to energy efficiency. This helps customers know which LED Tubes are most energy efficient and also signifies which products qualify for rebates.

Are your High-Ceiling Church LED retrofits dimmable?

All of our high-ceiling LED retrofits utilize dimmable bulbs. They work with most dimmers but with all the dimming systems out there, we cannot guarantee it will work with yours. So we always advise ordering one to test

Do you give discounts on high volume orders?

If you are interested in a large quantity of LED T8 Tubes, use our contact form and we will email you back shortly with a quote.

Will your LED lamps run in cold weather?

LED lamps perform better in cold weather.

I have a T12 Fluorescent Ballast, can I use Type A T8's to replace the fluorescent bulbs?

If you have a T12 fluorescent ballast you will need to get Type B or Type C tubes and forego the use of the T12 ballast. Type A T8 LED tubes will not work on a T12 electronic ballast - it must be a T8 electronic ballast for the T8 Type A tubes to work correctly.

What are my options for dimming with LED T8 Tubes?

Type C LED tubes are the most popular option for LED T8 tube dimming. They require a 0-10v dimmer and a GE LED remote driver. Keystone also has Type B LED T8 tubes that are dimmable on TRIAC/Forward Phase dimmers.

My fluorescent T8's run 24 hours a day. Is that a problem when switching to LED?

That is no a problem, as the longer the LED lamps are on, the faster the payback is achieved.