4 Foot Fluorescent T5 Lamps from GE

There are various 4' T5 options available from GE. Standard GE Ecolux 4' T5 tubes are 28W. High output standard T5's are 54W, and the GE Watt-Miser energy-saving series has 47W and 51W HO T5s. There are also Long Life High Output T5's that last 60,000+ hours compared to the 30,000 standard.

Standard 4 Foot GE Ecolux T5High Output 4' GE Ecolux T5 fluorescent tubes

GE 4' Watt-Miser T5 47W TubesGE 4 Foot Watt Miser T5 51W Energy Saving

High Output Long Life T5