250 Watt to 500 Watt E11 Halogen Downlight LED Retrofit Kit

250 Watt to 500 Watt E11 Halogen Downlight LED Retrofit Kit

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Quick Overview

  • 250 Watt to 500 Watt E11 Halogen Downlight LED Retrofit Kit

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Retrofit your high watt E11 halogen downlights and cylinders with our custom LED solution! Each retrofit includes a high output dimmable LED bulb and a retrofit kit that mounts inside your existing fixture. Retrofit kit has an E11 adapter that allows for utilizing your existing socket yet also has mounting arms to eliminate weight stress on the socket. Best suited for 6-10 inch downlights and will replace them 1 for 1.

Available in 15° Spot, 25° Narrow Flood and 40° Flood beam angles. For applications in the 10-20 foot range, 40° Flood works well for a wide wash. Most high ceiling downlight applications tend to be in the 20-35 foot range, making the 25° Narrow Flood the most popular choice. 15° Spot beam angle is available for very high applications where a tight spot light is needed. All beam angles are available in 2700K, 3000K and 3500K. 5000K is 40° Flood only. 3000K, 3500K and 5000K options are Energy Star rated while the 2700K options are NOT Energy Star.

Install Instructions

  • -Turn off power
  • -Remove the glass lens from the trim and discard (the clear lens will not be needed for the LED)
  • -Remove halogen lamp after it cools down
  • -Install E11 male cord end into current E11 socket
  • -Loosen the 1/4 inch screws and extend the mounting arms of the 1 lamp retrofit kit to match the diameter of can or reflector and tighten them
  • -Slide 1 lamp retrofit kit into the can without the PAR38 LED installed. Adjust the depth of the kit so the mounting arms are approximately 1-2 inches above the bottom of the can and screw in at least 2 self-tapping Sheet Metal screws into the internal side wall of the can or reflector to secure it.
  • -Install the PAR38 LED
  • -Turn on power and see the Light!

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